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Prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Used diet and folk remedies.

Some men, under assumptions of physicians, more than half, believe that prevention of such diseases as prostate adenoma is a futile exercise. There is a misconception that the disease will appear for fifty years, in spite of all efforts. In fact, BPH can be avoided.

The exact causes of BPH have not been identified.

However, experts call the most common factors that increase the risk of disease:

  • Changes in hormonal balance of the body;
  • Sedentary life, burdened addictions;
  • The lack of treatment of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular pathologies;
  • Exposure to adverse environmental conditions, for example, persistent hypothermia.

Hormonal changes with age. And this is the only factor that cannot be modified. All other listed causes are quite preventable, especially if you start measures to strengthen the male body, not in 40 years, and in advance.

Diet is especially necessary for men after 40

This is one of the most challenging aspects of prevention of BPH. Diet which is recommended by specialists-urologists, can be used for prevention and treatment. Since about forty years, the male body adjusts and requires more careful attention. For maintaining all body systems in a healthy condition (including cardiovascular) proper diet is indispensable. It also helps to balance the hormones at least partially.

You should first abandon all greasy. And even lean meat is recommended to limit the consumption. Smoked foods should be consumed rarely, like dishes with lots of spices, salt and pepper. Alcohol should be excluded from use. It is best to completely give up beer: it negatively affects hormonal balance and irritates the urinary tract.

Ideal is a milk-vegetable diet. It favoured all types of dairy, and especially dairy products.

We recommend drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Vegetables and a variety of fruits become the basis of nutrition. Such a diet reduces the amount of excess weight and moreover prevents the development of obesity. And this is another risk factor for BPH.

For those who find it difficult to remember all these rules, there is one simple limitation: vegetable fats instead of animal. On this principle is constructed the power supply system in Japan and China.

Lifestyle as one of the important components

The main enemy of a healthymen sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. All this leads to stagnation of blood and other body fluids in the pelvis where the prostate is. In General, the circulation of the pelvic organs is disturbed.

It becomes a cause of many inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. They can become chronic and insufficient attention to cause the development of BPH. Prevention in this case is regular examination by a urologist and timely treatment of all diseases.

To prevent enough daily walks. It is the activity in the fresh air is better affects the blood circulation. If it is not possible to arrange runs, just give up the Elevator and get off the bus a couple of stops earlier, and put the car not the Parking lot is not near the house, and in the next quarter.

If the job is sedentary in nature, take for yourself a few simple rules. For example, to talk on the phone standing up every half hour to pass around the room, do not drag paper across the table, and just stand up and approach them.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers men many natural and tasty means that you can use for prevention of prostate disease, including prostate. Prevention includes a combination of drug additives to nutrition and external means.

For example, birch fungus (chaga so-called), the herb St. John's wort, celandine and yarrow, calamus root mix in equal proportions (the mushroom is taken in twice the number) , the mixture is poured hot water and brewed like regular tea. Turns out the fragrant beverage, which not only reduces the risk of BPH, but also soothes after a hard day, helps to strengthen the immune system.

Recommended daily to add to food and drinks a small amount of fresh ginger root. This is a great seasoning, which imparts an unusual taste to the food.

Another folk remedy – bath with juniper berry essence. You need the whole bath temperature of approximately 38 degrees, add 10 milliliters of essences. It will be a relaxing bath with a pleasant smell and aromatherapy effects.

No matter what methods of prevention were not applied, the main rule remains a regular inspection from a specialist and completion of all assigned surveys. It is recommended to visit a doctor every six months.