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The cost of treatment of BPH. From what she could depend on.

Untimely or inadequate treatment of the adenoma leads to a severe delay in the flow of urine – the urethra is completely compressed and doesn't pass urine, so it is important to timely and properly prescribed treatment by a qualified urologist. Treatment of BPH can be conservative or surgical, the selected method and its final value depends on the stage and characteristics of the disease.

Modern methods of treatment of prostate adenoma is highly effective and diverse. They are divided into conservative (medical) and surgical (endoscopic and open surgery of laser evaporation of the prostate and transurethral resection). Recently came to be widely applied and the method of thermotherapy (microwave coagulation) of the prostate.

Conservative treatment for enlarged prostate

Conservative treatment is usually recommended in the first stage of the adenoma. Treatment includes medication, especially mode – active lifestyle, the exclusion from the diet irritating foods, spices and meats, alcoholic beverages and Smoking.

For the treatment of benign adenomas (or hyperplasia) of the prostate using the following medications:

  • Alpha-blockers (Omnic Okas).
  • Antibiotics (gentamicin, cephalosporins, etc.) with subsequent appointment of probiotics (Bifidumbacterin, etc.).
  • Vegetable extract (Prostamol UNO).
  • Immunostimulants (Reaferon, pirogenal etc.).
  • Inhibitors of 5-alpha (proscar).
  • Medications that help improve blood circulation in the prostate gland (trental) to provide the desired blood flow for creation of therapeutic concentrations of other drugs in the prostate, which is especially needed for people suffering from atherosclerosis.

For patients with moderate symptoms, the most effective of these drugs are inhibitors of 5-alpha and alpha-blockers. The co-administration of these drugs allows in a short time to reduce the symptoms of painful and difficult urination, and prolonged (3-4 years) reception up to 25% to reduce the amount of adenomatous node.

Operative treatment of prostatic adenoma

The main method of treatment of prostate hyperplasia remains operational method. It is indicated for patients who are diagnosed with infravesical obstruction, the effectiveness of the treatment and the cost of surgery depends on the stage of BPH and the presence of complications.

According to the received medical data, a large percentage of men seek care in advanced stages of the disease when there are serious violationsurodynamics until the renal dysfunction and acute delay of urine outflow. In these cases, for a successful operation needs a long preparation.

First for stabilization of the voiding cystectomy is the creation of external fistula of the ureter surgically. This step, along with anti-inflammatory treatment can improve the patient's condition, to normalize kidney function and reduce postoperative complications.

The indications for surgery are:

  • delay of outflow of urine (inability to empty the bladder after catheterization);
  • bladder stones, formed as a result of benign adenoma of the prostate;
  • recurrent massive hematuria (blood in urine), due to hyperplasia of the prostate;
  • repeated urinary tract infection caused by BPH;
  • kidney failure, which is caused by a benign hyperplasia of the prostate (BPH);
  • large diverticula (bulging bag-shaped shape) of the bladder due to BPH.

A method of surgical treatment — transurethral resection

The "gold standard" in the treatment of BPH is transurethral resection of the prostate. It is performed to remove part of the prostate that compresses the urethra.

During transurethral resection of the urethra, introduced a flexible thin probe at the end of which is a tiny light and camera. Also at the end of the probe is a loop, so you can remove the fabric.

With this loop, the surgeon cuts the inner part of the prostate, expanding the lumen of the urethra and restoring the flow of urine.

Transurethral resection is performed under epidural or General anesthesia. During epidural anesthesia the patient is conscious, but below the navel feels nothing. The advantage of this anesthesia is the absence of complications typical for General anesthesia.

Transurethral resection is performed to relieve the patient's condition and recovery of the outflow of urine. She was not able to save people from cancer, because she affected the prostate remains in place, and only removed part of it.

At first, the flow of urine can be blood clots, but this is not a deviation.

To the wall of the urethra has a chance to heal, the urethra is the urinary catheter, which is daily washed with furatsilina. This is needed to clear the catheter of blood clots and to avoid unwanted infections.

After transurethral resection, the patient is assigned painkillers and antibiotics for the prevention of variousof infectious complications.

Method of surgical treatment transvesically adenomectomy

Adenomectomy is open surgery, during which, between the navel and the pubis, the physician makes the skin incision of the anterior abdominal wall, muscles, subcutaneous fat and anterior wall of the bladder, the surgeon removes the overgrown tissue (nodes) of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Then into the bladder through the urethra catheter is placed, and in more complex cases, additional zitostaticescoe (drain) tube which is discharged to the outside through the operating hole.

Transvesical adenomectomy is performed at advanced stage of disease when prostate cancer grows large in size, the bladder becomes much distended, and because of his overflow of urine the patient has renal failure.

Adenomectomy is the most traumatic method of treatment, which is accompanied by the risk of developing many complications. In some cases (from 0.8 to 9% of patients) a bleeding from the tumour.

Rarely, mainly in patients of Mature and elderly, sedentary lifestyle, postoperative period may be complicated by impaired function of the intestine, manifested by constipation, and congestive pneumonia. To avoid such complications, such patients is recommended early activation.

Also failure to observe hygienic rules, if weakened immunity in the wound can begin to develop an infectious process manifests its redness, edema, increased body temperature (hyperthermia) and pain.

Preparing for surgery

Before performing surgery, the patient must spend in hospital from 5 to 20 days depending on the type of operation and complications of the disease.

Before surgery, the patient needs to undergo urinalysis and blood and testing for HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis. To undergo ECG, x-ray examination of the chest.

Special methods of examination carried out with ultrasound (ultrasound) of the urinary system with the establishment of the amount of residual urine, the determination of adenoma size, uroflowmetry (measurement of the speed of the outflow of urine), etc.

Also before surgery the patient should be examined by a physician and anesthesiologist, they will determine the type of anesthesia.

Before surgery night the patient enema is placed and held shaving hair part below the navel. With 12 hours of night it is forbidden to eat and drink. On the morning of the surgical intervention begins with intravenous or intramuscular antibiotics (antibiotic therapy).

Unconventionalmethod of treatment

Currently increased interest in alternative therapies, especially herbal medicine (treatment with herbs). Of course, the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia herbs for the efficiency cannot be compared with the operational methods, but if the patient can not go to the hospital, the use of herbal medicine is able to alleviate renal failure, to reduce the amount of residual urine and make urination easier and more complete.

The cost of herbal medicine for order below traditional methods of treatment, many herbs can even prepare himself, but the treatment of BPH decoction involves a very long period of their use, and time in the case of the development of the exacerbations is very expensive.