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The reasons causing the occurrence of prostatitis. From lifestyle to genetics.

Today in urology there are no specific data on the causes of prostatitis. The frequency of certain forms

disease, according to statistics is: 5-10% of acute bacterial prostatitis, 6-10 %, chronic bacterial prostatitis, and 80-90 % of chronic abacterial prostatitis.

Causes of chronic bacterial prostatitis are most often gram-negative germs such as E. coli, Proteus, Eпterobacter, КlеЬsiеllа and others. According to statistics about half of men in middle age suffer from chronic form of prostatitis.

The fact is that men are very afraid of this disease. Even noticing the symptoms of a man trying to delay the moment of going to the doctor.

However, thus the course of the disease only becomes complicated and develops into a chronic form, with which to fight very hard.

Inflamed prostate tissue can change its structure, which disrupts the function of cells and tissues, which can have serious consequences. That is why it is important to notice the symptoms and seek help from a doctor.

Prostate adenoma

In recent years increased the number of patients with prostatitis who suffer from prostate cancer. In case of BPH patients are prescribed a course of antibiotics in inflammatory processes in the urethra.

Therefore, despite the spread of prostatitis, paraurethral and periprostatic almost no one is sick, and the paraurethral glands do not scar, which is triggered by the growth of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Of course, some patients, which suffer from chronic prostatitis, gradually enter into the age of benign prostatic hyperplasia and get it with the preservation of prostatitis.


One of the causes of prostatitis may be a virus, often the second type of herpes virus, at least — the flu.

According to the researchers, approximately 45 million adults suffer from recurrent genital herpes, and every year 500 thousand new infections.

A sedentary lifestyle

To the development of inflammation in the prostate leads a sedentary lifestyle, incomplete ejaculation during normal sexual intercourse, which is devoid of emotional brightness, viewing of pornographic films, alcohol abuse.


It so happens that men are trying to artificially enhance sexual feeling with the help of alcohol. However, besides the fact that alcohol increases the desire and reduces sexual performance of men.

In addition, alcohol disrupts the nervous system, which ultimately leads to deterioration or loss of potency, reduced efficiency and premature aging.

Sexual abstinence and abuse

Negatively on sexual function may act Masturbation and prolonged abstinence, which leads to frustration.

It should be noted that too vigorous sex life adversely affects the functional activity of the prostate gland. Sexual ability, intensity and character of every man is different. In many respects sexual activity depends on physical and psychological status, as well as many environmental factors.

Therefore, to set the frequency of intercourse as the norm is impossible. Every man must determine it yourself, based on their capabilities and health.

Also do not forget that during the intercourse, and experienced orgasm all body systems are in a state of increased activity, which require much highernerve and energy costs. The body can fully recover these costs, if we stick to certain rules.

If a man is too sexually active, which exceeds the physiological and psychological needs, this is called sexual excesses. In addition, man sometimes every day do not have sex due to the fact that there is a need, as a result of artificial mental and mechanical irritation.

The rhythm of sexual life that the man had for a long time or regularly, with short intervals between sexual acts that may adversely affect the functional state of the prostate.

Too frequent sexual intercourse lead to the development of neurasthenia, functional disorders of the sexual apparatus, which leads to disruption of blood flow, depletion of gonadal function, decrease in a seed. All of this can lead to infertility and the development of impotence.