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What symptoms should tell the man about prostatitis.

Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland is the most common disease among men aged 20-60 years. The inflammation can cause infection. Acute kind appears suddenly, as chronic type causes prolonged symptoms that are not so bright.

Causes of

The disease appears as a result of certain factors, and lifestyle. Consider the most frequent causes of development.


Hypothermia may occur as a result of long stay in the cold, sitting on cold surfaces and so on.

So the man is extremely important to monitor in order to avoid overcooling, otherwise, the prostate can become inflamed.

Frequent constipation

Prostatitis can develop as a result of regular violations of the chair.

Sedentary work

Work in a seated position often becomes the cause of the disease.

Most often this disease affects drivers, office workers and everyone who sits all day and doesn't have the ability or desire to stand up and stretch.

Irregular sexual life.

Prolonged sexual abstinence or excessive sexual activity with different partners create favorable conditions for the development of prostatitis.

A sedentary lifestyle

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, not doing sports and spending their free time watching TV, the man risks to earn such diseases as prostatitis.

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the body

Chronic illness can also cause prostatitis.

Venereal and urological diseases

Transferred early, these diseases can cause prostatitis.


Symptoms of prostatitis can find men at any age. It is worth noting that the first signs are not always evident, so it is not always possible to stick to one of prevention. Once in the prostate gland are the microbes or stagnation occurs, it begins the process of micro-inflammation.

This process can last more than one year, and the man did not even notice. However, one fine day, when the initial stage of the disease has passed, starts worsening.

It all starts with the fact that the man begins problems with urination, constant feeling of a full bladder. Especially at night there is a constant desire to go to the toilet.

After that, men are developing erection problems, orgasm weakens and it becomes very difficult to achieve. But because of the inflammatory process urination generally overlap. And every time you try to go to the toilet it hurts more.
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The first symptoms