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How do ultrasound prostate training is required

Disturbing calls

In order to conduct an ultrasonic examination of the prostate, not necessarily to be seriously ill or in dire need of medical care. Now many men it is proposed to carry out this procedure as a preventive measure.

Also sent to the office of us people that have difficulty urinating, have problems with potency. The direction of the procedure can be obtained from the attending physician and if he by personal inspection found the seal or increase the size of the prostate.

About how research is conducted and whether you need to prepare for it, you can read in this article.

If implemented, the second method of the study, the patient in advance will be asked to drink a liter and a half of liquid to fill the bladder.

What is being examined with the ultrasound?

In the study of prostate ultrasound sensor evaluates several parameters of the prostate, the uniformity, density, size and structure of the prostate, the presence of tumors. For medical reasons the norm is size 3х3х5 centimeters in the volume 25 ml.

The results obtained during the procedure, may indicate a number of complicated men's diseases:


Inflammation of the prostate, accompanied by a burning sensation and discomfort during urination, reduced potency.

During ultrasound prostate disease may indicate the increase in size of the organ.

Prostate cancer

Often in men older than 60 years find malignancy.

Insidious disease that for a long time it does not show any symptoms, because the doctors suggest every man, from 50 years annually undergo this procedure.


This disease is also called hyperplasia prostate. Its essence is in the increase in size of the prostate, which violates the outflow of urine. The main symptoms that indicate the disease: frequent urination, weakened stream, urinary retention.

This pathology is common among older men – every second patient, aged 60 or abroad, can detect this disease. If the adenoma to run, only treatment will be surgery.


The picture an ultrasound for detailed prostate exam, you notice a small cavity with a liquid, which are the cysts. The study can also determine the exact location of cavities and their sizes that will be very helpful in the treatment of diseases.

At ultrasonic examination, in principle, does not happen side effects and negative consequences. Therefore, this procedure now honored considered one of the safest and most informative method of diagnosis.