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Designed for treatment of prostatitis devices: matrix Urologist, Prostam, Vitafon

The apparatus is designed for treatment of prostatitis, are becoming more popular nowadays.

Treatment of prostate adenoma, disorders of erectile function, chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis – here is a partial list of urological diseases, which successfully cope with modern hardware.

The principles of their actions are different, but they can be divided into several groups:

  • Laser treatment is the treatment with radiation of red and infrared spectra;
  • the vibrating effect – microvibration mechanical method stimulates the muscular elements of the prostate and the pelvic floor muscles to reduce, restores their tone, eliminates congestion in the prostate and relieves symptoms of irritation of the lower urinary tract by improving the evacuation of the secretions;
  • magnetic effect – has anti-inflammatory, decongestant, trafikogeneratsii and analgesic effect on the prostate gland;
  • electric effect – stimulation of the tissues of the gland modulated currents via the skin or rectal electrodes and electrophoresis of drugs;
  • thermal effects – improves blood microcirculation in the prostate and stimulates the immune system in the surrounding tissues;
  • vibro-acoustic impact – from creating a constantly changing sonic frequency is microvibration tissues of the prostate gland;
  • ultrasonic low-frequency impact and phonophoresis of drugs.

In addition, a prolongation and increase the action of drugs used in the treatment of prostate simultaneously with hardware laser technique can significantly reduce their dose.

Magnetic therapy

The local electromagnetic field as the stimulus of the nervous tissue leads to changes in nervous system activity of the patient, namely: to organize functional complexes and activation of adaptive mechanisms.

The use of the above methods of physical therapy effects in the hardware accelerates the healing process of the prostate, provides individual selection of exposure parameters and allows to avoid pererazbiyeniya of the rectum in the case of the use of rectal electrodes of several devices.

A brief overview of the most popular devices

The apparatus of laser therapy "matrix-Urologist"

This device combines all the known methods of laser influence on the human body, it can be used both locally and in body cavities, and also be combined with therapeutic (magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.) and surgical methods of treatment of prostatitis.

Fibromyalsia head device provides simultaneous or individual massage the prostate with the aid of laser radiation, vibration and magnetic field.

The apparatus of the mechanical-electromagnetic therapy "Prostam"

This device produces a local effect on transrectal prostate with a combination of the most popular techniques used for treatment of prostatitis and related diseases: hyperthermia, electromagnetic field and mechanical microvibration.

The device can be used for monomachine and in combination with various medical drugs: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, adaptogenic.

Effects of three methods of improving the trophism of the blood in the prostate gland and surrounding tissues, pain relief due to the magnetic pulse and vibration factor that reduces the swelling of the affected organ.

Vibroacoustic apparatus "Vitafon"

"Vitafon" effect on prostate tissue by creating a constantly changing audio frequencies, stimulating mikrovibratsiyu in the impact zone.

Acoustic sismotherapy improves the local blood circulation, lymphatic flow, prostate function, quality of blood and nerve fibers and tissues disturbed due to circulatory failure. The principle of operation of the apparatusthe decrease of the resistance of vessels to blood flow and relaxation of the muscles to improve microcapillary blood flow and lymph flow.

Irrigation apparatus "Intramag"

Uses several methods of exposure: micromassage electric field, lavage and irrigation of the urethra, magnetophones and electrophoresis of drugs in the prostate for obtaining a fast and sustained therapeutic effect.

The machine can be supplied with an attachment which contains the urethral and rectal catheters of the heating allowing you to heat the prostate and the urethra to a temperature of 450With continuously adjustable and automatically maintaining at a predetermined level.

Contraindications to the use of

The devices intended for treatment of prostatitis, there are a number of contraindications associated with the principles of exposure techniques.

In particular, the main contraindications are:

  • Prostatitis in the acute form
  • Chronic prostatitis in the acute stage
  • Active tuberculosis of the prostate or suspected him
  • Malignant tumors in the prostate or rectum
  • Inflammatory diseases of the rectum in the acute form