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Than to treat prostatitis

Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland is one of the most common male diseases, which manifests in men older than 30 years. This disease may occur due to the fact that in prostate tissue penetrating pathogens, which contribute to the emergence of the inflammatory process.

If the disease is in the advanced form, then we can see a strong decrease in sexual ability of men. That is why when the first signs of this unpleasant disease should seek help from a doctor and see what you can treat inflammation of the prostate gland.

If the disease is mild and is not running, then it will be enough for the man to bring order to his sex life (to stop promiscuity) and self-treatment of prostatitis, which can be easily done at home.

In this case, the patient will not need medication. But it must be remembered that before beginning any self-treatment you should always consult with a doctor, as improper treatment may cause health complications and prostatitis become chronic.

How to treat prostatitis at home

To cure the prostatitis can be yourself at home, it is necessary to use proven and effective methods:

A decoction of orchids

You will need to take three to four tablespoons of the dried tubers of orchids (which must necessarily thoroughly) and fill with cool water (you need just enough water so that the tubers were covered with liquid).

Then, the prepared slurry is necessary to add hot water (exactly 500 milliliters), put on slow fire, bring to a boil, then boil for ten minutes. At the expiration of this time should be set aside the bowl of broth and let stand for half an hour.

After half an hour of medicinal decoction should be filtered and taken between meals half of the glass (to take medication should be at least three times during the day).

The gathering of hawthorn fruit, herbs, mint and red rose petals

No less effective is the following collection of herbs – you need to take hawthorn berries (crushed), dried Linden flowers, thyme, peppermint herb, leaves of red currants, red rose petals, sweet clover, fireweed, and grass Wintergreen.

All the herbs need to be mixed thoroughly each other, and then take exactly one tablespoon of the collection of medicinal herbs and pour boiling water, then cover the container lid and leave for half an hour.

Once the broth configure themselves itrequired, mandatory, to filter and accept exactly two times a day, half Cup in the morning after Breakfast and at night before bedtime.

Tea from Adonis and cyanosis

Also can brew the next tea – take tubers Adonis, cyanosis grass and fresh leaves of Adonis.

These herbs are widely and quite successfully used for the treatment of congestive prostatitis. Cyanosis is also used during treatment of the acute form of prostatitis.

The medication of aloe and honey

алоэFor the preparation of the following medication you need to take the crushed leaves of perennial aloe Vera (exactly 500 grams) and grind using meat grinder, then add fresh natural honey (exactly 500 grams) and all components are thoroughly mixed.

After you get a homogeneous mass, it is necessary to the mixture add red fortified wine (exactly 500 milliliters). A container of medication should be carefully closed with a lid and put into the refrigerator. After exactly one week effective against prostatitis will be ready to use.

Before you start taking this medicine, it must, necessarily, filtered and taken for one month one hour before meal one teaspoonful. After a week of this treatment it is necessary to increase the dose of the tincture to one tablespoon and continue treatment.

Alcohol tincture of ginseng root

In the ratio of 10:1 pour the roots of ginseng alcohol, close tightly and the glass bowl (preferably use a glass bottle), place the container with the infusion in a dark place and leave for exactly two weeks.

After this time should be several times a day, take the infusion exactly 20 drops (but no more), the drug infusion must be done between the meals.

Tincture of aralia

Equally effective is the infusion of the roots of aralia. In order to prepare this infusion you need to take half Cup of vodka and pour the crushed roots of aralia (exactly 20 grams).

To insist this medicinal product is required for one week, but not less. After this time infusion should, necessarily, filtered and taken several times a day, exactly 40 drops. Infusion is necessary to drink clean water.

But when you use this tool need to be very careful, because it may not be used in the presence of such health problems as chronic insomnia, hypertension, and various heart disease and also in the time spent in the excited state.

Treatment of prostatitis in men, enemas with infusion of herbs

No less effective means of treatment of prostatitisis the use mikroklizm with infusions of herbs:

  • mikroklizma with grass yarrow – take exactly one tablespoon of dry grass, yarrow pour half Cup of boiling water, then put the mixture on a water bath, and diatomite within half an hour. Apply this infusion is necessary in the following way – to use mikroklizmy with filtered decoction should every morning and evening, until relief;

  • take exactly one tablespoon of dry powdered chamomile flowers and pour half Cup of boiling water, then allow to steep for half an hour. After this time the broth should, necessarily, filtered and allow to cool. Prostatitis be treated with infusion of chamomile it is necessary every morning and evening, until symptoms of the disease, then it is necessary to pass medical examination;
  • take the sage leaves (ten leaves) and pour one Cup of boiling water, put in a water bath and simmer for half an hour. After this time the broth should be filtered and allow to cool (preferably the broth is cooled down naturally). Do microclysters it is necessary to use half a Cup of broth twice a day – morning and evening;
  • in order to treat prostatitis in house conditions it is possible to use freshly prepared juice of the black radish, also suitable horseradish juice but only freshly prepared. Make the necessary juice before each meal exactly one tablespoon. Each time it is necessary to use only fresh juice, as it is prohibited to be stored in the fridge (completely lost all the useful properties). Before the treatment of prostatitis using this juice it is necessary to consider that the juice of these vegetables are strictly contraindicated in the presence of peptic ulcer disease (especially in the period of exacerbation of the disease) and gastritis.

The prevention of prostatitis at home

During the process of the prostatitis treatment using folk remedies, you must follow some specific rules, thanks to which you will be able to forget about this disease forever. Also, subject to certain conditions prevents the risk of relapse.

You should try to avoid hypothermia, feet have to be warm, do Jogging and try to go every day as much as possible on foot.

One should not sleep on very soft bed, so as to health more useful is to sleep on a hard surface, try to completely remove from your diet spicy food, totally abstain from alcohol and Smoking. Make sure that the defecation occurred on a regular basis. Try as often as possible to play sports and do every day special exercises. It is also very important formen's health has a regular sex life.

The most effective treatment of prostatitis

Almost every man after the age of 40 years is specified in this question. Today widely used by a variety of methods of treatment of prostatitis, so to cure the disease became possible practically at any stage.

If during urination appear severe pain, then you need to consult a doctor-urologist, who after a full examination should individually assign special treatment. Provided timely, and most importantly proper treatment of prostatitis, and BPH it is possible for successful and fast recovery.

If time will not start treatment of prostatitis, then perhaps the appearance of serious violations of sexual function men, comes rapid ejaculation, infertility, impotence, may also receive kidney stones.

Treatment of prostatitis, must necessarily include a special antibacterial therapy, herbal medicine, physical therapy, immunomodulators, prevention, therapeutic exercises, and special urological massage.

Prostate massage is used as an effective prevention of the disease. To date, there is evidence that suggests that prostate massage has a beneficial effect on the prostate during the course of treatment of chronic prostatitis, and also promotes more rapid recovery functions of the prostate gland.

During the course of treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis requires the use of special antibiotics. At the time of appointment to the patients to take the antibiotics necessary to consider the fact that a certain category of drugs do not have the capacity to penetrate into prostate tissue, which is why they are not effective in the treatment process.

Mainly for the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis, the doctor appoints drugs such as moxifloxacin,ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, levofloxacin. May also be administered concurrently with antibiotics alpha-blockers, also conducted the procedure of prostate massage.

To perform a prostate massage independently at home, but you need to know all the details of this procedure, otherwise, may cause harmful negative effects to the health of the patient.

There are statistics on which it becomes apparent that in 30 percent cases, there is the re-emergence of the disease, so as to completely cure chronic prostatitis is quite difficult and it is a very difficult and lengthy process.

Acute prostatitis – symptoms and treatment

Acute prostatitis is often accompanied by the following symptoms – there is a rise in temperature of the theme, it is also possible the emergence of a strong fever. In the groin area and in the area of the perineum may appear a strong pain.

Beginning to appear rather frequent urge to urinate, however, this process is accompanied by quite severe pain. The process of urination quite difficult, which can lead to acute urinary retention and the appearance of undesirable negative consequences for the health of the patient.

It is also possible the appearance of purulent discharge. In the prostate gland starts inflammatory processes, which can cause blood poisoning. But prostatitis this type is quite rare and does not reach such a serious stage.

To treat this form of prostatitis the use of such antibiotics as ciprofloxacin. If the patient's state of health was not complicated, then the treatment process is carried out only on an outpatient basis. Most often can completely cure acute bacterial prostatitis, while the future will not relapse.

Folk treatment of prostatitis

The infusion of the bulbs

In the presence of acute prostatitis is necessary to take exactly two onions and grind them to form a slurry, then pour boiling water (exactly 600ml) and leave to cure could stand. After exactly two hours you can start drinking this mixture every hour for 50 grams.

The medication of onion, honey and white wine

Take the pulp of onions (just 300 grams) and add honey (100 grams), then add the dry white wine (600 grams). All components mix thoroughly and place in a cool place to steep for one week, the mixture should be regularly shaken. After this time the mixture should be mandatory, to filter and accept drug infusion three times a day, two to four tablespoons to a meal.

An infusion of horseradish and walnuts

Take a paste of horseradish 8-nil tablespoons and add 2 tablespoons of leaves of walnuts (chopped), then add two tablespoons of flowering tops of Basil. All components are thoroughly mixed and poured red wine (exactly one liter). The infusion should be left for one day, it is important to periodically shake the can.

The next day, the mixture should be poured into a closed container, put on fire and bring to boil, boil for ten minutes and leave to cool down. After this decoction should, without fail, to filter. Medication is necessary for every hour on 50 grams during the treatment of acute prostatitis, and 100 grams in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

Of Wintergreen umbrella

We must take the crushed grass Wintergreen umbrella exactly one tablespoon) and pour boiling water (one glass). Leave for two hours to a medicinal decoction could stand, after this time the broth should be filtered. Make the tool necessary in the presence of prostatitis three times a day before the start of the meal by ¼ Cup;

For treatment of prostatitis quite successfully used Hemlock, which is very effective for complaints of intermittent urination, but should not be any other symptoms.

To prepare the tincture of Hemlock, you will need to take two parts of the mixture from the seeds of the Hemlock and crushed dry leaves of the plant. Then herbal mixture is poured 4 parts of alcohol (90 per cent) and infused for two weeks in a dark place, with the contents of glass containers must constantly shake things up.

Two weeks later, the tincture is necessary, mandatory, filtered and take medicine for two drops, which are diluted with one tablespoon water. The course of treatment should not exceed five days within one week;

Positive therapeutic effect was observed during the use for the treatment of propolis extract, which you can obtain by evaporation of propolis(exactly 40 grams) in alcohol 96 percent (200 milliliters). Then you have to take exactly 0.1 gram of finished extract and mix with cocoa butter (2 grams). From this mixture prepare candles, which you later want to introduce into the rectum evenings once during the day. This treatment of prostatitis should be two or three month course, while between each course should be done 1-2 months break;

One of the most effective and natural remedies for treatment of prostatitis is the fruit of pears. After a few days becomes noticeable positive therapeutic effect.

Provided that long-term use of compote of pears a possible complete cure from this disease. If you're over 50, then experts recommend to close for the winter compote of sticky also dry very pear and its leaves, to be able from spring until autumn to drink medicinal teas and fruit drinks with pear. This is not only an effective treatment, but also a great prevention;

For centuries, onions have been known as a means that helps to increase sexual desire and stimulate sperm production. For impotence can help the onion which has been parboiled the potato couple.

One of the best folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis is a mixture of seed powder and honey. Components are added in equal proportions and finished medicine is taken three times per day one tea spoon. This tool is very effective in the case that the disease was caused by a sexually transmitted infection (gonorrhea, syphilis, and many others);

To boost the immune system when the disease prostatitis, it is recommended to take pollen as a concentrated product. Daily dose it is recommended to take it in the morning before Breakfast (15-minute). Not critical if it is accepted and during the meal, but in any case it should not be taken before bedtime.

The recommended dose of pollen for one day is exactly 10 grams, it is not recommended to exceed this dose, as it may cause harmful adverse health effects. The treatment course is one month, then one month break. During the year, it is necessary to hold 4-6 of treatment with flower pollen;

For the preparation of the following medicines you need to take strawberries (exactly 400 grams), ripe banana (one piece), ripe pear (you will need half of one pear) and a yeast (a single table.a spoon). Pear and strawberries should squeeze the juice and pour it in the blender, then add banana and yeast. Stir everything thoroughly until you obtain a mass of uniform consistency. Make ready means it should be exactly onea glass before meals three times a day;

Take parsley seeds and use coffee grinder grind to a powder. Take exactly 4re teaspoons finished powder and pour one Cup of boiling water. Put the mixture on fire and boil for 15 minutes, then allow the mixture to cool and filter necessarily.

To make a medicinal broth should be 4-6 times a day for one tablespoon. You can also prepare an infusion of parsley seeds – take parsley seeds (one teaspoon) and pour a glass of water (the water should be cold), leave the mixture for 8 hours. Make ready infusion should 4re times a day for ¼ Cup.

Completely cure prostatitis can only be provided timely treatment for the qualified help of the specialist. It must be remembered that before using any folk remedies for treatment of prostatitis need to consult with the attending physician.