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How prostatitis affects fertility and sex life

What is prostatitis and how it affects fertility? This disease is acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate

cancer. This disease occurs in men quite frequently. His appearance contribute to sexually transmitted diseases, stress, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, prolonged abstinence, frequent constipation.We can say that the prostate is second heart of men, it is in this body focused ancestral male function.

This disease affects men of any age, even teenagers.

One of the most unpleasant consequences of this illness are weak desire, and weakness of erection, sexual performance, men often reduced, but not all men have a sexual dysfunction so You don't have to deny yourself the pleasure.

A moderately active sex life is quite useful in prostatitis, because during emission of semen the muscles of the pelvis and prostate are reduced, and there is a kind of "prostate massage". Many people think that this disease is better not to use the technique of interrupted sexual intercourse, but for men with experience, this technique is not dangerous. It is also worth to consider the fact that frequent change of partners is not a good idea.

This can lead to an exacerbation of the disease. Connected this statement with the fact that the microflora of the genital organs accustomed to each other, and the emergence of new microorganisms may provoke inflammation. Doctors advise to conduct a measured, monogamous sexual lifestyle. In this case, the risk of any complications is minimized.

The prevention and method of preventing inflammation of the congestive form of prostatitis is Masturbation. In stagnant sperm develop pathogens that cause inflammation of the prostate. So if You do not have frequent opportunities to have sex, here is advice to You is to masturbate.

Many doctors "prescribe" sex and Masturbation prevention. Of iron, whose functions are not in demand, is doomed to stagnation, but in prostatitis and so it stagnated everything I could, starting with blood and ending with testosterone. But there is another, a different opinion. Some doctors believe that the less alarming inflammation, the faster it goes. This view applies to sex.

Prostatitis can affect fertility, but if passed it women? This is purely a male disease, as she has a prostate gland only in men, but when a girl can't get pregnant, you need to look for the cause not just her.

Sometimes the reason a girl can not get pregnant is prostatitis. Forty percent of men, it causes infertility. In the acute form of the disease the number of active sperm is halved, and the number of defective naturally increases.

If the man has long treated the semen worsen, as a rule, it is fraught with the inability to conceive. Semen analysis — an analysis which will help You to know whether You are able to conceive a child. The presence of pus in the sperm also worsens the conditions of conception, as it affects the level of acidity.

But know that even with chronic prostatitis is still possible to conceive. Even if the semen is not comforting, the chance of conception is. Remember that the treatment should be mandatory if You want to have a healthy child. Today there are many methods of treatment. After all, prostatitis is not a diagnosis of "infertility".

If you try to summarize all the above, we can conclude that sex life when the prostate is absolutely not dangerous, and the chance to conceive a child exists. It remains only to wish You good luck.