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How to cure chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis – an inflammatory disease of prostate, which is accompanied by pain in the pelvis, disorders of the genitourinary system. Voiding can occur in the form of increased frequency of urination, and sharp pain and discomfort when urinating.

In this disease the patient is experiencing the onset of complete impotence, but many males are experiencing a weakening of penile erection, the biological properties and the ability to sex acts, as well as the premature eruption of the seed.

Chronic prostatitis

Is the most common form of the disease among men in different age categories. Most often, chronic prostatitis affects men 20 to 40 years, so the disease has social value.

Also this type of disease is often susceptible men who live in areas that are characterized by low seasonal temperatures, large temperature fluctuations and high humidity. In addition, this disease is more prone to men who are warm regions moved to regions with lower temperature.

Dangerous to life

It is worth noting that infections which are transmitted sexually, also play an important role in the development of chronic prostatitis. Also pathogens of prostatitis are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and Escherichia coli.

Favorable background for the emergence of prostatitis is considered to be a sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia. This problem most frequently develops in men whose work is related to the effects of vibration on the body, such as drivers of vehicles.

The main sources of infection of the prostate gland

The major sources of infection of the prostate should be:

  • disease in women reproductive organs;
  • oral-genital intercourse;
  • anal sexual intercourse;
  • of infection other foci of infection in the body.


Prostatitis may manifest problems in the urogenital system, sense of fever, pain in the abdomen and perineum, impaired functioning of the penis.

It often happens that the clinical symptoms are mild, it is difficult to determine why the man later goes to a doctor for help.


Diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is not complicated. However, to determine the cause of the disease is possible with careful laboratory examination.

The main survey are the following methods of diagnostics:

  • sowing prostate secretion,
  • digital rectal examination,
  • PCR diagnostics for STDs,
  • microscopy of prostate secretion,
  • transrectal ultrasound examination.

Sometimes, to clarify the diagnosis is carried out urodynamic and endoscopic examination.

How to cure

Treatment of chronic prostatitis is difficult, therefore, needs to be developed the whole complex of treatment, including a variety of drug therapy, physical therapy effect, physiotherapy.

The whole complex is selected individually for each patient, based on clinical manifestations of the disease and peculiarities of organism of the patient. Lately started to use thermotherapy — heating of the prostate up to 45°.

Antibiotic therapy

In chronic prostatitis antibiotics are the main treatment, as it is an infectious disease that develops as a result of pathogenic bacteria. Preparations for antibacterial therapy should be prescribed only after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Each antibacterial treatment may give only two outcomes. Or drug to get rid of the microorganisms, or some of themsurvive and sooner or later will again make themselves felt.

It should be noted that if the bacteria remains, after a course of antibiotics they will be even harder to kill. So choose the drug, its application scheme and dose should be carefully.

In addition, do not neglect the General rules of antibiotic treatment. If you start this therapy, it is impossible to interrupt or suspend. If you still had to interrupt the treatment, then you have to re-diagnosis and treatment after a certain period of time.

If after three days of antibiotics is not visible improvement, the drug should be replaced by another. Do not use the same antibiotic group, with a drug that has been used previously for the treatment of another disease. Before treatment you should consult with your doctor on all issues.

Physical therapy for chronic prostatitis

One of the most effective methods of treatment of chronic prostatitis is prostate massage.

However, many men, in addition to painful sensations during the massage, experience psychological discomfort, therefore many patients refuse this procedure.

Transrectal prostate massage in chronic prostatitis

Massage action on the prostate is that the doctor pushes a finger inflammatory secret accumulated in the prostate gland, in the ducts and urethra.

In addition, during the prostate massage improves blood circulation that helps get rid of stagnant processes and to enhance the action of antibacterial therapy. The effectiveness of the massage prostate in chronic prostatitis is achieved due to the location and unique structure of the prostate gland, and structure its ducts.

Prostate massage can cure acute inflammation. Massage other tissue or organ will only aggravate the situation and spread the inflammation.

Therefore, before to abandon the prostate massage, it is necessary to think about the fact that this is the main method of physical therapy. Avoiding unpleasant several minutes, the patient is likely to remain with the illness for life.

Physical therapy for prostatitis is used in various ways, but always it is aimed at increasing blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

Physical therapy can be used treatment of electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves, laser impact, a rise in temperature in the rectum. If it is not possible to use physiotherapy, the patient can do microclysters with the use of various drugs and warm water.

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Immunotherapy in chronic prostatitis often need, as the duration of the inflammatory process and conducted antibacterial therapy have had a negative impact on the immune system of men.

In addition, treatment involves not only the removal of the gland from infection and inflammation, but also preventing the re-development of the inflammatory process. For effective treatment of chronic prostatitis you need to consult an immunologist and to hand over a number of special tests.

Normalization of lifestyle necessary for an effective treatment and prevention. Because if you can't get rid predisposing to the disease factors, prostatitis will appear again. So we need to make in your life rational changes – to play sports, take a walk, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet.