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Herbs for treatment of prostatitis: a complement to conventional medicine

Today with the word "medical" man in the street will before the eyes of the doctor in a white coat surrounded by ultra-modern

plant and equipment. But a century ago this great science was only slightly tangible, much has been done, as they say, "touch".

Thanks to the great experience now, many people get cured from terrible diseases by using unconventional means, herbs, and weird treatments. Often today instead of having to consult a qualified professional, patients initially prefer to contact the healers, followers of alternative medicine.

No matter how it seemed strange, but more and more physicians and healers are treated by men as very conceited about their own health. Because now every male disease, there are many recipes and sentences, which in theory should save a patient from disease.

Prostatitis is no exception. Even in folk medicine, patients are often advised in combination with treatment provided by to take some medicinal herbs.

Tincture consists of equal portions of crushed root levzei, of Polygonum snake, grass, Wintergreen, St. John's wort, galegov and knotweed, calendula flowers and immortelle, oak bark, filled the night with half a liter of boiling water.

Tincture of the roots of elecampane, Angelica and marigold flowers

Take equal portions of crushed roots of elecampane, Angelica, Rhodiola, calendula flowers, coriander fruits and cranberries, the leaves of plantain and lady's mantle, Kuril tea, herb of melilot, and St. John's wort. Received 2 tablespoons of herbs pour a pint of boiling water into the thermos. Infuse one night. This infusion to drink no less than 8 weeks after eating a third of a Cup.

The people there are hundreds of recipes painless cure prostatitis. Many of them passed down from generation to generation and are based on the healing properties of one of the ingredients.

For example, for centuries healers around the world use for treatment of prostatitis normal pumpkin seeds. The whole value of this product is that it contains a lot of zinc, which is go around the men, not only in diseases. All treatment was reduced only to the fact that the man had to eat three dozen seeds before meals.

Today scientists have proved that in this way a man receives the daily percentage of zinc for the body. Today came into use another recipe – chopped pumpkin seeds, mixed with honey. From this mixture make balls, later they are sent for storage in the refrigerator. For treatment of prostatitis, 30 minutes before a meal is eaten one ball. The inhabitants claim that it is enough just to carry out a full course of treatment (about a week of eating pumpkin balls).

Also in folk medicine and bets are placed on hazel as one of the most effective products against prostatitis. Fresh branch of a tree (with the leaves), pour water and bring to a boil.

After 20 minutes, turn off fire, infuse means to the moment the liquid is red-brown. The patient will bathe on this water before going to bed during the week.

The aspen bark, which is collected during the SAP flow of trees was also a very effective tool for getting rid of the prostatitis. Tree bark is dried in the oven, razmyagchaetsya.

100 grams of powder is poured into 200 grams of vodka, locked in half-liter jar under a nylon cover and insist in a dark place for at least two weeks. After infusion, strain and drink three times a day 20 drops in a quarter glass of water. Make the solution preferably before meals.

One of the reasons of occurrence of a prostatitis became, and the constant consumption of animal proteins. It overloads the organs of excretion,a large amount of uric acid absorbed by the muscles. Because as prevention doctors also recommend drink the juice of asparagus, carrots, cucumber and beets. It is advisable to drink daily at least half a liter of these juices.

Well-proven shell chestnuts with needles. This product is just brewed and is drunk instead of tea or coffee. The only thing that can stop patients from using this method – a sharp increase in appetite, which can lead to excessive weight. 3 tablespoons chopped shell with needles filled with 600 milliliters of boiling water, infused for a night.

After the mixture should be steamed in a water bath, drink three times daily on an empty stomach 30 drops of tincture. Repeat the course (you need to drink the entire infusion) is possible not earlier than in two months. To improve efficiency you need to undergo three cycles of treatment. All this time to keep the tincture from the bark of the chestnut in the fridge.

Don't have to be a great scholar of medicinal herbs to prevent onset of prostatitis. Now, every urologist can tell you about the simple preventive measures that excluding favorable factors.

The man should not SuperCool need to live a healthy and active lifestyle, have a regular sexual partner, eat right, eliminate alcohol. The fundamental preventive measure remains an annual visit to the attending urologist, which will help to identify predisposition to disease at an early time.