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Medication treating prostatitis. That used in medicine.

Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process that develops in the prostate gland.

Prostatitis entails violations in the urogenital system, the patient feels pain and discomfort during emptying of the bladder. In the urine detected by a variety of blood and mucus.

The man feels a dull pain in the lower abdomen, groin, perineum, and pelvis. In addition, prostatitis greatly affects erectilnuyu function. The patient is reduced erection, until its disappearance, the brightness decreases sensations and there is a premature ejaculation.

Today there are new methods in the treatment of prostatitis in men, who are efficiently and effectively used worldwide.

New treatments prostatitis

Vibromassazhery massage

The method vibromonitoring massage is one of the most modern and new methods of treatment of prostatitis.

In this method the effect is directly on the prostate and the neurovascular bundle, which carries out the control functions of the authority. Today, drainage of the prostate during treatment of chronic prostatitis effectively apply the way the finger massage. But abroad, this method is not used.

In 65% of cases the inflammatory process is an obstructive character, that is prostatitis lead to blockage of the excretory ducts of the prostate gland. In this case, Paltseva massage doctor can "crush" microabscesses, which will lead to spread of infection.

Hardware massage has much more benefits before the finger massage, so as with hardware massage of any injuries is excluded. With hardware massage is used the apparatus of laser therapy "matrix-urologist" vibromonitoring head VLMG-10, which in the complex treatment of chronic prostatitis can significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment.

This is achieved due to the high concentrations of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other medications used in the treatment directly in the pathological focus.

In addition to this restored and normalized microcirculation in the prostate area, improving the drainage ducts of the prostate gland. The effectiveness of the treatment so massage is 92%.


The method of valldecabres is one of the most effective modern hydrological methods. In this method for penis men impact local negative pressure.

To do this, use hypobaric (0,4-0,6 ATM.) impact, resulting in the penis to dilate blood vessels that leads to blood flow to the organ. This method allowspartial or even complete recovery of potency.

In parallel, there is a reflex irritation of the prostate gland, making aktiviziruyutsya capillary blood flow, restores the disturbed nutrition of the gland, resumes the role of the prostate as a Converter of testosterone.

Effects such as the increase in the total volume of the corpus cavernosum, which is achieved during the procedure of valldecabres, continue after the termination of hypobaropathy.

It contributes to the improvement and restoration of erection. If valldecabres you can achieve a variety of therapeutic effects which this technique plays a significant role in the complex treatment of prostatitis.

Yoga therapy

New in the treatment of prostatitis yoga. Men over the age of 20 years is recommended to do ejaculation at least once in 4 days, over the age of 40 years – not less than once in 16 days and 60 years of age and older – at least once a month. For treatment of prostatitis can turn to the hut-yoga.

The techniques that are used in yoga for prostatitis, help to improve venous outflow from the pelvic organs.

New methods of treatment of a prostatitis yoga therapy are fundamental in chronic prostatitis, and during exacerbation of the disease.

New methods of treatment of prostatitis in yoga are based on a clear algorithm of therapeutic practices. The use of inverted asanas helps to improve outflow and unloading of the venous system of the pelvis. The veins of the lower extremities are more likely to suffer from overload and overflow.

The main thing is to adopt such a posture in which the pelvis will be above the chest, then the blood from the pelvic organs will go to the center of the male body.

Inverted asanas relieve the venous plexus surrounding the prostate, the bladder and the rectum. This helps to improve the oxygen supply of tissues. The position of the inverted asanas, you need to take several times a day.

Treatment of prostatitis massage of the pelvis

This method of treatment used mainly to relieve spasms and improve the blood circulation in the prostate gland.

Doctors prescribe a few sessions in a week for several months to achieve the desired result.

Therapy of prostatitis endoscopic methods

To such methods of treatment include laser therapy, the impact on the prostate hot temperatures through the rectal wall, as well as expansion with the introduction of the cylinder for the outflow of the secret.

Surgical technique treatment of prostatitis

To surgery only when other methods do not help. The operation can be assigned due to septic complications and abscesses of the prostate or pelvis,in acute impairment of the body of the prostate or urethra, as the result of cicatricial rebirth in the tissues of the prostate or nearby organs.

Usually done when cancer of the prostate. During surgery the damaged tissue excised for the free outflow of secretions.

Treatment of prostatitis mud

This treatment can be done at home if the patient will observe the prescribed scheme. Effective treatment of prostatitis is possible with an integrated approach, consisting of massage, physiotherapy and mud injections.

Most men don't pay for this technique special attention. However, the excellent results achieved by other patients, suggests that treatment of prostatitis mud is included in a set of other procedures.

What mud are suitable for treating prostatitis

Excellent results and shows Saki mud. Its clean and Packed in special tubes. This mud can be used for treatment of prostatitis in the home.

The tube fits over the tip, through which you can enter the dirt inside without pain. Most often, treatment of prostatitis enough 10-15 procedures, however, everything will depend on the characteristics of the organism.

As the mud helps to cure prostatitis

Purified mud acts on the mucous membranes and nerve endings, which send signals to the Central nervous system, which stimulates a defensive response.

All this leads to the fact that the inflammation begin to dissolve. Treatment of prostatitis mud has the same actions as massage, as it helps to accelerate blood and lymph circulation, making aktiviziruyutsya metabolism.



Antibiotics are the first priority in the treatment of prostatitis, as often the disease develops as a result of bacteria or infections, to get rid of with antibiotics. New drugs in the treatment of prostatitis have the ability

The new generation of drugs quickly penetrate into prostate tissue, accumulate in it, thereby creating a strong concentration of the drug at the place of destination. This method works very well in acute prostatitis.

The most common drugs in the treatment of prostatitis among the antibiotics have broad spectrum of activity. They include gentamicin, kanamycin and cephalosporin. Simple erythromycin can also be used to treat, but it is less effective.

Treatment of prostatitis with blockers

Such drugs in the treatment of prostatitis effectively used for the treatment of all forms of prostatitis. They help to remove spasms in the sphincter, the bladder, the walls of the ureters in theprostate, so the secret is derived from the prostate which prevents stagnant processes and puffiness.

Blockers recommended for the treatment of chronic forms of prostatitis. They are used half a year or more, so as soon as the prolonged intake of these drugs can facilitate attacks and help full recovery.

Treatment of prostatitis hormonal therapy

Sometimes for the treatment of inflammation in the prostate doctors prescribe a course of female hormones, as they help to reduce and cure the inflammatory process.

Treatment of prostatitis herbs

Folk treatment of prostatitis were formed for many years, but only recently the official medicine is beginning to acknowledge their effectiveness.

Prostatitis can be treated with the help of charges of some plants that you can buy at the pharmacy or make your own. Such a collection should consist of anti-inflammatory, relaxing, diuretic, and soothing herbs. Infusions or decoctions should be used regularly, every day. The treatment must appoint a physician.