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What is usually called the male prostatitis and how to treat it

In urology, one of the most common diseases is prostatitis. Many believe that the disease to forty years is rare. This is a misconception. In medicine often there are cases where young people turn for help with this problem to the experts.

Why prostatitis is an exclusively male disease? It's very simple — only in the male body is such a body as the prostate, the so-called prostate gland (this is its scientific name). A disease that occurs when inflammation of this gland is called prostatitis.

Go lightly on human anatomy, discuss where the prostate is located and talk about what it is.

The prostate produces a secret, which is a component of semen. It is responsible for the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg, or rather, for the activity and viability of spermatozoa outside the male body.

Iron itself has the form of a ball of irregular shape, which consists of glandular and smooth muscle tissue. It is located in the fibrous capsule. It can be divided into three sections: left, middle and right side. The prostate is located under the bladder.

The size and consistency of the gland is not sufficiently stable, due to the individuality of the human body. Prior to puberty the prostate gland is small and dense, as it has a predominantly muscular structure. Weight cancer in adult men and from 14 to 28 g, length 3-5 cm, width 3-5 cm, with a maximum thickness up to 3 cm


  • The location of the prostate. The location of the prostate plays a not unimportant value. Through it passes the urethra, therefore, in the presence of infection in the urinary system of the infection gets into the prostate;

  • Infections that are sexually transmitted. It can be such infections as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, yeast infection, and so on;
  • Stagnant processes in the prostate gland and the pelvis. As a result of stagnation of secretions and ejaculate, and circulatory disorders of the prostate gland can occur disease;
  • A urinary tract infection. The infection gets into the prostate gland through an inflamed urethra.
  • Venous congestion of the pelvis. Is the cause of circulatory disorders in the prostate gland.
  • Conducting a chaotic sexual way of life;
  • Hypothermia. Sitting on a cold, making cold baths;
  • The muscle tear. It happens when lifting weights;
  • A large amount of time in a sitting position. If necessary, lead a sedentary lifestyleit is recommended to take breaks at work.


Depending on the form of the disease, acute disease and chronic. In acute prostatitis, the symptoms acute and chronic – the symptoms are less pronounced.

Patients feel a sharp, cutting pain in the groin and anus, the process of urination becomes painful, increased body temperature, worsens the General condition of the body, there is a tendency to sweating. The main signs of disease are manifested in the violation of potency, and reduction of sexual activity. Worse activity of sperm.


With the acute form of the disease is much more likely to go to the doctor, and treated, it is easier and faster than the chronic form.

Before starting the treatment of prostatitis need to see a specialist – urologist. Only a specialist will diagnose you and help you choose appropriate treatment. One of the methods for the determination of the disease is finger examination of the prostate, it is carried out through the rectum. Taken urine, secret of the prostate gland. Is ultrasound study.

Treatment of prostatitis should start as early as possible, as the acute form of prostatitis quickly becomes chronic. The chronic form requires prolonged treatment. For quick recovery it is recommended to undergo comprehensive treatment.

Prostatitis is treated with antibiotics, prostate massage, physiotherapy.

Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds quickly treat prostatitis. As they contain a lot of zinc, which is needed by the body men, only 30 seeds (daily dose) before meals will help You heal. Or you can take a pound of pumpkin seeds, grind them in a meat grinder.

Crushed seeds you need to add honey (about 200 grams), mix well. The resulting mixture roll into balls. Bulbs should be stored in the refrigerator, use before meals one ball 1-2 times a day.

The tool is very effective, so the treatment is enough to be done once a year. In the treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds, you need to remember that seeds should not be fried, otherwise the therapeutic effect will not occur.

The use of hazel

For treatment of prostatitis using hazel need to take a branch of a filbert with leaves, cover with water and bring to boil. Boil for about 20 minutes, then you need to remove from heat and give infusions before staining in red-brown color. The bottom line is that you need to bathe over him.

With the help of aspen bark

The bark thickness should be of 3 to 5 mm, it should be dried in the oven or in the shade. After the barkdries it should be crushed and pour in half-liter jar, pour water and put in a dark place for two weeks. After two weeks, strain the resulting tincture.

Use the tincture, diluted with water, 20 drops of tincture need a quarter Cup of water to drink before meals three times a day.

With chestnuts

Well from prostatitis helps the shell of the chestnut. The shell must be chosen with needles. It brew it and drink instead of tea.

Unfortunately, this treatment stimulates increased appetite, so if this treatment option is not suitable you can the broth to use in the treatment of microclimate of 250 milliliters, 3 times a day.

The need to collect chestnuts in September, in this time they sing and become brown.

The use of propolis

Propolis brings anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action on the body.

For treatment of prostatitis propolis is necessary to prepare an extract for this You will need forty grams of propolis-evaporate 200 ml of pure alcohol and the extract is ready, about 0.1 g of the extract was mixed with two grams of cocoa butter. From this mixture you need to prepare candle, which is inserted into the rectum at night.

Treat prostatitis onions

Can treat prostatitis with a bow. Take two medium size onions, fill with water. Insist for two hours. The resulting infusion is necessary to drink 50 grams every hour.

Than to treat

Recipe No. 1

  • Hell (8 tablespoons pulp)
  • Walnut leaves (2 tablespoons seasoning of finely chopped leaves)
  • The flowering tops of the Basil (2 tablespoons chopped the tops)
  • Dry, red wine (1 liter)

Mix all the ingredients (radish, walnut leaves and flowering tops of Basil, pour their wine. Insist during the day, and occasionally shaken. The following day, the present liquid boil (cook in a saucepan with a closed lid on small fire for 10 minutes). After removing from heat allow to cool and filter.

Take the medicine at 50g every hour (in acute prostatitis) or 100 g three times a day before meals (with chronic disease)

Recipe No. 2

  • Onions (300 g)
  • Honey (100 g)
  • Dry white wine (300 g)

The ingredients mix and leave for one week in a cool and dark place. Periodically shaken. After infusion of the contents of the filter.

The drug is used for chronic prostatitis, 2-4 tablespoons before meals three times a day.

Recipe No. 3

  • Pear fruits
  • Leaves of pear

From the fruit of the pear, cook the compote, and the leaves brew the tea. The effect of treatment pearsit takes a few days.

Recipe No. 4

  • Strawberries (400g)
  • Hard pear (half)
  • Ripe banana (1 PC.)
  • Brewer's yeast (1 tablespoon)

Of strawberries and pears extracted juice. Mix the juice, banana and shivering in a blender until smooth. This mixture take one glass before meals three times a day.