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Complications and after effects of chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis – infectious inflammation of the prostate gland, which is accompanied by swelling. Timely recourse in the urological center and the correct treatment can prevent undesirable consequences.

The consequences of inflammation of the prostate gland without treatment, a threat to all men. About that few people think and why it is so frequent cases of delayed treatment of the patient with chronic inflammation of the prostate to the urologist.

Prostatitis can be acute or chronic. Chronic develops very slowly and has less pronounced symptoms than acute.

This leads to attempts of self-treatment and delayed treatment to the urologist at the stage when a remarkable development consequences: severe pain, impaired urinary flow, they have difficulties in their sexual life. Gradually it leads to serious disruption of the functioning of the prostate.

Complications of chronic prostatitis

  • Appears acute urinary retention;
  • Inflammation of the seminal vesicles, appendages and eggs. The developing inflammatory process affects the neighboring tissues and organs, leading to significant deterioration of health;
  • Virtually all men suffering from chronic prostatitis, there is a violation of potency. This disease violates it in different stpen from violation of ejaculation to inability of erection. Thanks to modern medical techniques to cure this disease as well as complications possible, but it is a very long process and requires a holistic approach;
  • Scientists have proved that prostate cancer appears frequently in men suffering from a chronic form of the disease;
  • In the absence of proper treatment may develop infertility;
  • Here is the type of severe irritability, constant fatigue, frequent depression, etc., related to General deterioration of health.

The consequences of acute prostatitis

There are several consequences of the acute form.

The transition of acute forms to chronic

Chronic prostatitis develops, if the microflora in the treatment of acute form of the disease was strongly suppressed.

Consequently the severity of the inflammatory process is gradually replaced by recurrent manifestations of inflammation of the prostate gland, and the bacteria develop resistance and destroy them becomes more difficult.

Delay of outflow of urine

Under this condition, there is a strong sharp pain, and the outflow of urine becomes almost impossible.

Abscess of the prostate

Inflammation with edema and impaired blood circulation leads to an obstruction of outflow of prostate secretion, whichunder the influence of bacteria becomes infected and turns into pus.

When abscess the body temperature reaches 38-39°C, increase the pain, fever and increasing weakness.

After the abscess often occurs scarring of the prostate, the severity of which depends on the size of the scar.