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Can the prostatitis to prevent conception and cause infertility

For a long time, urologists were called prostatitis men with angina, due to the fact that both diseases are provoked by the same microorganisms. The same microorganisms present boys in puberty vulkanogennykh acne.

Many men, hearing "prostate" panic, because they plan to become fathers in the future. It is believed that prostatitis leads to severe forms of impotence and infertility, but many believe that it is not. The prostate gland performs important functions in the male body, such as the development of the third part of the seminal fluid involved in the exchange of the hormone testosterone, provides the rhythmic release of sperm upon orgasm, so she controls about fifty percent of the circulation in the pelvic organs.

Appear violation

In chronic prostatitis, many men feel pain during ejaculation, and completely eliminates the desire to have sex. When the prostate is often premature ejaculation. But it's not terrible. With proper treatment of prostatitis pain decreases.

Many doctors may recommend prostate massage. Except that it's not the most pleasant and rather humiliating procedure, it is considered vicious, is obsolete and has long not applied in any country of the world except Russia.

Some doctors believe that a massage is a great addition to the treatment, because in Russia this procedure is prescribed in almost all patients with prostatitis, but You may still not agree with it.

Many of the factors that accompany prostate, can cause such complications as infertility, and this is the viruses, bacteria, semyavynosyaschego narrowing of the tubule, and so on. Also include injuries to the external genitalia, lower overall immunity. Still, inflammation of the prostate may spread to other organs in the pelvic area and testicles and blood vessels.

In acute prostatitis, the patient feels pain in the penis, it increases body temperature and can detect pus when urinating and the presence in the semen. The presence of pus in the semen can greatly interfere with conceiving a child, and it is best not to delay the treatment of prostatitis.

To aggravate the patient's condition can and promiscuity. Doctors rarely suggest to refrain from this and to conduct regular sexual activity in a monogamous regime. Microflora of permanent partners would get used to each other, and new microorganisms contribute to the deterioration of symptoms.

Prostatitis and infertility

If in time You see your doctor, you can forever forget about this disease. It happens that not all men want time to see a urologist. This is a pretty serious bug that may lead to exacerbation of disease.

The patient temperature rises to 39-40° C, high fever periodically replaced by a sharp chills, pain in the perineum is greatly increased, which is a consequence of acute urinary retention. Ten to twenty percent of patients attending clinics for infertility treatment, identify diseases such as prostatitis in history.

The relationship of the two diseases

More and more, an increasing number of men suffering from infertility. It is not uncommon that some of them suffer from chronic prostatitis. The idea is that a direct link prostatitis and infertility is not entirely clear, but bacteria, viruses and other certificates, including the symptoms of prostatitis are co-factors of infertility and impotence.

Incidentally, neither the adenoma nor the cancer of the prostate can not be the consequences of prostatitis. This is a completely separate, independent disorder.

You need to remember that even when running prostatitis conceiving a child possible. Of course the probability of conception is quite reduced but does not disappear completely. Some of the couples in which the man is sick prostatitis, and prostatitis in the chronic form, appears quite healthy baby. But to accomplish this you need to undergo treatment.

In women thirty-five years is the age after which fertility drops sharply, and men with such problem does not exist. Fertility (ability to conceive) is preserved in men up to seventy years. The possibilities of modern medicine a woman can have a child after thirty-five years, and man, even in old age, and inflammation of the prostate will be able to conceive and even after seventy years.

Of course, the prostatitis affects fertility. If a couple cannot have a baby, not always a problem a woman. It so happens that this cause is just the same man. In such cases the man should go to the doctor and to do semen analysis, that is analysis that helps You to know whether You are able to conceive. When the man long time does not heal the inflammation of the prostate, the semen deteriorating, meaning the decreased ability to conceive.

Some doctors believe that prostatitis can not affect conception. It's not a very common misconception, but such cases are present.If Your doctor tells You like — refer to another doctor.

You should know that in the acute form of the disease significantly deteriorate the quality of sperm, rather than at the initial stages. But even in acute form of prostatitis chance to conceive a child is, though not great. In the early stages of prostatitis conception is possible. For many couples it turns out.

How does prostatitis

Prostatitis affects fertility mostly in cases when patients develop complications — epididymitis and orchitis. Honestly from prostatitis infertility is quite a long way and not the fact that it will happen with You.

In chronic prostatitis violations occur during the formation of sperm. In the semen of a patient with prostatitis can be seen pathological changes not a single metric.

The activity and number of healthy sperms is reduced which adversely affects the semen. This indicates the presence of pathological process in the genital organs. It requires immediate treatment.

In the presence of a bad test and symptoms of prostatitis should apply to a urologist, who will pick up individual treatment. After successful treatment fertility increased significantly. This scheme can combine, whether medical or physiological treatment.

In some cases it can be supplemented by other methods of treatment, such as folk. The disease conception is two opposite things, which, however, can be combined in compliance with the recommendations of a good and experienced urologist and the right approach to business.

Of course, as mentioned above, the key to successful conception and a life without such constraints is an active treatment of prostatitis. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort that would achieve the goal — the conception of a child, but you should always try and, in the end, everything will work out.