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Candles for treatment of prostatitis: common and propolis

The prostate gland is one of the main parts of the male genitals with the disease can have a direct impact on the state of the human body, that is why when the first signs of discomfort, should seek help from a specialist. One of the main means of chronic and acute prostatitis are suppositories or rectal suppositories.

Inflammation of the prostate gland

Prostate or prostate gland is the male sexual organ located under the bladder. The formation of sperm occurs in the prostate gland, which are further transferred to a special ejaculatory produ will then erupt during sexual intercourse.

Also, the prostate is directly involved in the formation of orgasm and libido.

Prostatitis called inflammation, which occur as the prostate gland. Most often this disease occurs in men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, chronic constipation (constipation in the blood vessels responsible for the supply of prostate blood, the formation of congestion), and if violations of the sexual life (if it is too frequent or very rare intimacy).

Further, during the development of the inflammatory process, may have a serious infection. One of the most common causes of prostatitis is presence of infection which is transmitted sexually, these infections include genital herpes, gonorrhea and more. If these diseases do not start in time to treat, then they can flow into the chronic stage and spread of the infection spreading to the prostate gland.

How to treat

For treatment of prostatitis requires a comprehensive approach that should include:

  • local treatment using special candles;
  • therapeutic exercises;
  • massage of the prostate gland, which can be conducted by a specialist or the patient himself in home conditions, but it is very important to follow all the rules for the implementation of this kind of massage, otherwise it can only worsen the disease;
  • special physiotherapy;
  • the usage of medical drugs, which contribute to improving the process of blood circulation in the prostate;
  • medication that greatly increase all protective functions of the body (adjuvants), but these funds can be assigned only after a full medical examination and conduct blood tests (immunogram);
  • assignedthe administration of antibacterial medicines, which is assigned during the control, the sensitivity to drugs of causative agents of the disease.

Among these products include mountain honey, uterine milk, beeswax, pollen, allowing this drug has a high antifungal, antibacterial, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and analgesic properties.

Special attention need candles that contain prostatilen is a drug that was prepared on the basis of the prostate gland from cattle.

Such as prostatilen substance helps to significantly reduce swelling, inflammatory processes in the prostate gland prevents stagnation of secretions. Also shown in normal secretory function, there is no development of thrombosis of small veins that are found in the prostate gland.

With regular use of this drug is almost instant pain relief, while improving sexual function of the patient (significantly increases libido and restores erection), restoring the bactericidal properties (eradicate the infection), recovering the normal frequency of urination, greatly reduced the inflammatory process.

In the practice of the treatment of prostatitis drug used not only candles, but also a special magnetic candles. As the magnetic filler may be barium ferrite. To date, the use of the resolved magnetic candles, comprising parmidin, which helps strengthen blood vessels and improves blood flow to the affected organ.