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Used tablets for treatment of prostatitis

In the initial stages of the disease, its symptoms are mild and sometimes even unnoticeable. At first the man time

from time to time feel discomfort or slight pain in the groin, perineum, lower back. However, inflammation in the prostate gland gradually increases and increases.

The pain becomes sharper and longer, there are frequent urination, and disturbed the process of urination. In this case, the man should immediately consult a doctor where he will prescribe individual treatment. The main thing in treatment is the pill.

Antibiotic therapy

Therefore, the vitamins include in comprehensive treatment. If a man constantly sick for a long time under ordinary diseases, it is necessary to consult an immunologist.


Vitaprost Forte

Affects metabolism in the prostate. Prescribed for chronic prostatitis, or after prostate surgeries.

Pills take up to 10 days.

Prostamol UNO

Regulates urination. Prescribed for urination disorders associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The extract from the fruit Serenoa repens helps to relieve the inflammation, reduce the permeability of blood vessels and oedema of the gland.

It is very important during attacks, when the blood rushes to the pelvic organs. Prescribed for benign prostatic hyperplasia stage I and II.


Affects metabolism in the prostate. Listens inflammation, improves microcirculation in the prostate.

Prescribed for chronic nonspecific prostatitis. The course lasts about 21.5 months.


Biologically active food supplements. The drug improves metabolism in the prostate gland and helps to normalize prostate function. Improves urination, regain sexual function.

Prescribed for prostatitis, prostate adenoma of stage I-II, urinary disorders, disorders of sexual function. The course of treatment up to 15 days can sometimes prescribe a second course in six months.

Prostate Forte men with the formula

Supplements that affect metabolism in the prostate. Help to strengthen the immune system. Prescribed for the prevention and treatment of weak urination disorders associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.