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What will help and what you need for Cycling for prostatitis.

Men to the bike should be taken very carefully, as they often found chronic prostatitis, during which can develop complications.

Bicycle and prevention of prostatitis

For men who like active rest on the bike, you need to use the anatomically correct seat, which will help to avoid negative impacts on the genitals.

The right saddle

Saddle should be small and is while riding in the crotch area. While riding, the weight of the body moves on it, which is in contact with the crotch region. This is the prostate gland and the urethra.

It should have a notch or indentation that will allow to remove the physical pressure on the prostate region. Using anatomical saddle, the pressure is small and does not impact negatively on the man. Thus, a prophylaxis.


There are strict contraindications for Cycling. This applies mainly to men who have heart problems.

Before you engage in such kind of sport for prevention and treatment of prostatitis, be sure to consult with the internist, cardiologist and urologist.

In chronic type of the disease is also forbidden to ride, as it can lead to stagnation of blood around the prostate. However, you can apply this physical exercise, like "Bicycle".

Need to lie on your back and legs to do the motion similar to pedaling. Thus, the prostate do the additional blood, making to improve potency. This technique is very effective and is a perfect stimulant to increase the potency.


If you overdo it with the physical pressure to these organs, can injure the prostate and the urethra. If you go too often, the structure of the prostate can be a little damaged, which can lead to the development of chronic prostatitis.

Thus, it can develop inflammation in the prostate, which then begin to hurt the next tissue.

The positive side

Safe and beneficial the sport will be under proper saddle, so the man will feel the positive impact of Cycling.

Cycling effective for:

  • prevention of prostatitis,
  • prevention of physical inactivity
  • the treatment of obesity,
  • improved the heart,
  • improvement of outflow from the legs and pelvic organs,
  • improve inflow of arterial blood.

Treatment of disease is long and complex, and the bike is one of the effective ways of treatment and prevention of this disease, andalso improve the quality of life of patients.