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Signs of prostate cancer. Internal symptoms and external manifestations.

The prostate gland is an organ of the male reproductive system, which completely surrounds the initial part

the urethra. The main function of the prostate is to produce secretions, which refers to the liquid portion of semen. The prostate secretion makes spermatozoa motile, STO plays a huge role for fertilization.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common male diseases. Every year more and more men suffer from this disease. Patients who were given this diagnosis do not die from this disease and have all the chances of recovery. It is important to timely identify the disease and undergo a full course of treatment.

This disease may occur as a secondary disease that accompanies other diseases. Some risk factors can not be avoided, however many other factors can be corrected.

Clinical signs

Prostate cancer can grow for years without symptoms.

  • the lack of receipt of urine in the bladder,
  • signs of kidney failure,
  • the presence of blood in the seed
  • erectile dysfunction.
  • If you experience any of the following symptoms you must consult a urologist who will prescribe the study will determine the diagnosis.


    The reasons for the development scientists are still not studied completely.

    However, it is known that certain factors contribute to the development of prostate cancer.


    With age, the risk of disease increases. The older a man is, the more likely the cancer.

    Usually, the disease develops in men over the age of 65 years. It is therefore necessary to monitor their health, visits to the urologist, in the event of the occurrence of the disease in time to begin treatment.


    If someone from relatives suffered from prostate cancer, it greatly increases the risk of developing.

    The whole reason are specific genes responsible for the development of this disease. These genes are inherited.

    Belonging to the Negroid race

    Prostate cancer most often sick men who belong to the Negroid race.

    The risk of a lot more in African Americans and least among the Japanese. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between testosterone levels and prostate cancer development.

    Treatment with testosterone

    There is an assumption that the treatment of male sex hormones increases the risk of prostate cancer.

    Fat-rich diet

    It's also been suggested that a diet rich in fat increases the risk of.

    Following the correct lifestyle and following proper diet can prevent prostate cancer. Also studies have shown that dairy products can trigger the development of this disease. However, this increase may not be significant.

    When you consumption of foods that rich in fats, especially animal products, the risk of disease increases. It is therefore necessary to conduct additional studies to determine whether a diet rich in vitamins to prevent prostate cancer.