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Diet used for prostate cancer. Some foods will help to avoid it.

What is the diet for prostate cancer will help us to move towards a minimum level of complications? What does food

generally has to cancer if they are not related to the gastrointestinal tract (GIT)? Let us understand in order.

For anybody not a secret that nutrition plays a huge role in the functioning of the human body. Just as electrical appliances need electricity, and machines – petrol, the human body needs energy.

The energy resulting from the breakdown of food to simple compounds gradually consumed with formation of by-products.

The highest value of nutrition is during illness, because aktiviziruyutsya protective functions of the body, i.e. the immune system. A huge amount of energy is spent on the reconstruction of damaged tissues, maintaining the body's resistance to pathogenic factors, the organization of the immune response.

Consume vitamin C in its natural forms – sour fruits, berries, citrus. Even the vitamin C From the spinach and sweet pepper.

You should reduce in your diet the amount of pickled, canned and pickled foods, even if these products you have prepared yourself. It is obvious that the diet should exclude any purchase canned goods, as most goods of this type add a variety of artificial substances. Of course, they are probably not harmful, however, anything useful they will also not give.

Leafy vegetables with dark green color contain a lot of substances which are contributory to an immune response.

Tomatoes in any of its manifestations contribute to the regression of cancer, as they contain lycopene.

Beans and corn oil must be removed from the diet, these oils contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Instead of these oils to use mono olive, as it contains a large percentage of antioxidants and vitamin E. the Vitamin E can be used also separately.

Selenium – antioxidant that also has strong anti-cancer effect. Allowed, and private consumption vitamin complex with selenium, but still, it's better to get it from natural sources – mushrooms, wheat, bran, oats, brown rice, fresh fish.

Favor of selenium will only bring those who have observed the disadvantage, however, to determine its level in the body long, expensive and not make sense, because at a dose of 250-300 micrograms a day selenium is not toxic.

You need to limit or eliminate the intake of fatty foods and animal fat in any form. Dairy products and red meat in other cases is useful, however, here they can hurt.

You should avoid consumption of fried fish. Do not fish in General, but fried fish. Fresh fish is possible, and even necessary, because it contains large amounts of omega-3 and α-fatty acids.

To reduce the consumption of calcium. Calcium promotes the growth of abnormal cells in prostate cancer.

Useful b vitamins (1, 6, 12). It is advisable to take in combined with folic acid.

It is impossible to use any dietary supplements with a high content of zinc.

Diet for prostate cancer a special role has green tea, as it is a powerful antioxidant and contains substances that slow down the process of carcinogenesis. It also makes sense to drink red wine (in reasonable limits, of course), red grapes or grape juice.

Cabbage (cauliflower and broccoli) is veryuseful in our case. Despite the fact that usually these products are used for cancer prevention, it makes sense to use them when already formed tumors.

Limit your intake of Flaxseed oil. Omega-3 fatty acids that it contains, can be obtained from fish or multivitamin complexes.

Special attention should be paid to vitamin E. Despite all its positive properties, some researchers do not recommend to take it because of not fully understood mechanisms, its effects on the growth or regression of cancer and lysis (disintegration) of cancer cells.

Take D-α-tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, γ-tocopherol. Basically, the tocopherol is found in nuts, peas, wheat oil, beans, avocado.

In conclusion, I must draw attention to one important point. Cancer cannot be defeated using only diet, you need long and laborious treatment. We raised the issue of the diet because about a third of all cancers is directly related to nutrition. This implies that with a proper diet the risk of diseases like cancer is reduced by about 35%.

Diet will not cure cancer, but, if you follow a proper diet may improve his condition or prevent the occurrence of the tumor.