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Healthy diet for prevention of prostate cancer. That will protect from disease.

Prostate cancer is one of the most unpleasant diseases, which can appear almost every man. To date, there is no one single way that gives one hundred percent guarantee of protection against the formation of cancer, but if carried out proper prevention, then you can avoid cancer.

Proper nutrition

Adjust your diet, add in a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables (soybeans, grapes, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and many others), you should try to minimize the consumption of foods rich in animal fats and calcium.

In addition, different parts of the world cancer is not manifested evenly. For example, in Japan the lowest percentage of people suffering from prostate cancer.

Scientists believe that this is because Japanese are in large numbers are eaten soy. Soy includes in its membership a large number of phytoestrogens, which in its composition as close as possible to the female sex hormones.

These substances contribute to the reduction of male hormones in the body. Also for prevention of prostate cancer need to consume vitamin E as well as carotenoids, which are abundantly contained in fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to change the usual crop of life. First and foremost we must try to increase your physical activity, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of a variety of alcoholic drinks and Smoking.

And thanks to the regular practice of sports can get rid of obesity, as the disease is a factor contributing to the development of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, today there is a drug that could minimize the risk of malignant cancer.

The composition of green tea includes polyphenols, that are also contained in soybeans, it also significantly decreases abnormal cell division, thus they contribute to further destruction of cancer cells.

Were conducted laboratory studies that demonstrated the effectiveness of plant polyphenols, thus preventing the development of prostate cancer. Scientists believe that to prevent the development of cancer cells, during the day you should drink from 4 and up to 6 cups of freshly brewed green tea.

The use of vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D helps to develop the prostate cell, is slowing the process of cell division. A person can get the required amount of vitamin D, provided that will be in the sun for at least three hours a day. You also need to consider the fact that an overdose of vitamin D can lead to formation of kidney stones.

Retinol or vitamin a is able to exert antioxidant effects, also performed a significantly reduced rate of division of tumor cells.

Studies have been conducted, the results of which showed that men who suffer from prostate cancer, significantly reduced the rate of retinol in the blood. Remember, vitamin a is included in large amounts in yellow and red vegetables, fruits – bell peppers, apricots, lettuce, spinach, liver, chickens and more.

Vitamin E could be famous due to provide antioxidant effects, thus there is a percentage increase in death of the affected cancer cells. Contains vitamin E in nuts, cereals, and spinach.

But be aware that long-term overdose of vitamin e may induce acute heart failure, which in result may lead to stroke.

Powerful antioxidant effect has such substance as selenium, which helps to prevent damage to the genetic material of cells, thus there is blocking the reproduction of cancer cells. Contains selenium in fish, nuts, and garlic. If you happen to overdose on this substance, then there can be loss of nails, and nervous system.

Zinc is a trace mineral that is part of the more than 70 enzymes that play a very important role in biochemical processesoccurring in the human body. Large quantities of zinc contained in the prostate tissues unlike other organs. After the conducted research has established that zinc helps to reduce the growth of tumors in the prostate gland. Large quantities of zinc contained in oysters and beef.