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Preventive measures from BPH: nutrition and lifestyle

Men older than 50 years are recommended to visit a urologist at least once in 6 months and to pass the prescribed examination.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease complex, requiring observation and monitoring by a qualified specialist. The main and most effective prevention of the disease, an annual medical examination.

This will allow time to identify emerging disease and start treatment at an early stage of prostate adenoma. Moreover, in most cases at the initial stages of the disease can not manifest itself and is the so-called "accidental discovery".

To control the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia and to prevent further deterioration of the patient's health will help the organization the right way of life.

If the disease progresses without any serious complications, as preventive measures sufficient correction drinking regime and compliance with the principles of proper nutrition.

Drinking regime

Regarding drinking regime, there are no strict limits, you only need to properly distribute fluid intake throughout the day, making the main accent on the first half of the day. Closer to the evening you should try to drink less, and 2-3 hours before bedtime to completely eliminate any liquids. Such restrictions will allow you to minimize nightly visits to the toilet.

Alcohol, caffeine, and various medicinal diuretic drugs several times increase urination, therefore, it is necessary to completely abandon the first two and together with your doctor to adjust the administration of diuretics. If you have previously assigned the diuretic drugs, you should stop taking it is impossible.

In addition, to avoid difficulties during urination, together with the urologist it is necessary to consider whether the use of antihistamines that contribute to the contraction of the muscles located around the urethra.

It's also recommended to accustom your body to empty the bladder through a specific period of time.

For example, during the day to visit the bathroom every 4-6 hours. This is especially useful for men who suffer uchenymi urination or urgency to it.

However, you cannot tolerate the urge to urinate, since the long waiting, the bladder can stretch, which is fraught with serious complications, including inflammation.

Proper nutrition

As for nutrition, the daily diet must contain the minerals and vitamins of all groups in the required daily amount. In the food should be low-fat, light meals with plenty of fiber (this helps to avoidunwanted constipation).

It is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in fresh juices or salads, but not canned. The total number of fruits and vegetables should be at least 60-65% of the daily diet.

With age, the need to reduce the consumption amount of animal protein in the diet, and give preference to vegetable proteins, which are found in beans, peas, soybeans, mushrooms, eggplant, etc.

Very salty, smoked and spicy food promote growth of tissue of the prostate, and also constipation, so it is better to completely exclude from the daily diet.

The fight against excess weight is also one of the methods of prevention of BPH, because most of the patients had or have problems with obesity. Excess of fat in the body tissues or in the food helps to reduce levels of male hormones, resulting in beginning to develop the so-called male menopause.

Active lifestyle

In addition to proper nutrition and correct drinking regime should be given attention and active lifestyle. Insufficient physical activity causes negative processes in the prostate.

A sedentary lifestyle reduces the circulation in the pelvis and the result is a stagnation of blood around the prostate mucus accumulates and develop different disorders. It is therefore very important in the prevention of prostate adenoma enough physical activity and regular sex life. Highly undesirable hypothermia.

Herbal remedies

For prevention use some herbal remedies, for example, the extract and tea from fireweed, the infusion of burdock root, juice of stems and leaves of burdock, etc.

To prepare necessary 30 g dried minced raw pour 500 ml of water and boil for about 10 minutes, then infuse for 60 minutes and consume 100 ml for 15-25 minutes before meals, 3 times a day.

To prepare the juice of burdock have to mince the leaves and stalks of the plant, then carefully squeeze them. Drink 5 ml juice, previously diluted it with water in the ratio 2:1. Medicine to take three times a day.

Tea from fireweed (herb fireweed) have 15 g of raw material to brew 500 ml of boiling water and infuse for 5-10 minutes. Use in the morning before Breakfast-200 ml in the evening before bed for 30 minutes.