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The treatment of prostatitis. That will ensure recovery.

Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland, which is accompanied by

violation of urination, pain in the groin, the abdomen, the violation of erectile function, bloody or mucous discharge from the urethra, a General deterioration of health.

The intensity of these symptoms varies from patient to patient, dependent upon his physical condition, the cause and stage of the disease.

The main task of the physician to offer the correct treatment of prostatitis, including the newest and most effective methods of modern traditional and folk medicine.

Treatment with blockers

Alpha-1-adrenoblockers modern drugs that block receptors of the genitourinary and other body systems that are sensitive to neurotransmitters hormones adrenaline group. The drugs relieve the spasms of smooth muscles of the prostate gland, the walls of the urethral sphincter and muscles of the bladder, which stops the backward reflux into the prostate its secretion, prevents congestion and swelling of the gland.

The particular effect of alpha-1-blockers have shown in the treatment of chronic prostatitis of any origin, but they should take at least for 6 months, to ensure stable remission, or in the best case – the cure of the disease.


Treatment of chronic prostatitis may occur with use of hormonal drugs, but solely on the testimony, given the possibility of side effects of this therapy. Hormone treatment is divided into two areas: as an anti-inflammatory and to stimulate erectile function men.

In the first case, we use the hormones of the adrenal cortex (glucocorticoids: cortisone, hydrocortisone, prednisone, etc.) that relieve inflammation and accelerate tissue healing. Introduce them locally, through electrophoresis, to avoid their impact on the entire body at once.

Stimulation of sexual function is men's hormones and exclusively for serious reasons, as the weakened self-production of hormones may stop altogether due to the receipt of the outside, comes pharmacological castration.

The treatment of herbs and folk remedies

Treatment of prostatitis herbs and folk remedies is possible in almost any form and Genesis.

Herbs you can buy at the pharmacy or procure their own. In their composition lead diuretic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, relaxing herb. Take them regularly for a long time, along with drugs and physical therapy.

Traditional medicine gives many tips on how to cure prostatitis from recipes candles with propolis and other active natural substances to steaming prostate fir twigs, treatment with leeches, mud baths, acupuncture and a variety of lotions and potions.

Massage therapy

Treatment of prostatitis massage is one of the foundations of complexapproach. It is an effective method of treatment at which doctor the finger method performs the massage of the prostate through the rectum as long as from the urethra noticing a few drops of prostate secretion.

Massage improves the local blood circulation in the gland, stimulates the production of secretions that quickly takes the causative agent of inflammation of the prostate and does not allow to stagnate juice glands.

Shown prostate massage in chronic non-communicable form of the disease, and the syndrome of chronic pelvic pain. It is strictly forbidden to perform prostate massage with prostate adenoma, cyst, cancer, stones in the gland during the acute or infectious prostatitis.

Treatment endoscopic methods

Modern endoscopic hardware techniques are increasingly used for treatment of prostatitis.

Through the rectum (or externally) to produce laser, magnetic, vibration, ultrasound therapy, thermotherapy, electrophoresis, is introduced into the lumen of the prostate the surge tank, which provides the outflow of secretions, produce hardware prostate massage.

Surgical treatment methods

Surgery for prostatitis is shown only in extreme cases when required to troubleshoot serious complications of the disease:

  • suppurative complications;
  • abscess of the prostate and pelvic organs;
  • sharp pinching of the body the prostate and urethra;
  • cicatricial degeneration of the tissue of the prostate and adjacent organs.

During the operation, the excised damaged tissue, scar and adhesion formations to open the lumen of the sphincter and to allow free outflow of the secretion of the prostate.

Stem cell treatment

Prostatitis treatment with stem cells is one of the modern methods of therapy. It consists in intravenous administration of the patient's own cultured stem cells from the bone marrow. In the result, there are no inflammatory process in the prostate, there is resorption of adhesions, restores the affected tissue of the gland, strengthens the whole immune system.

The use of stem cells is the only method that allows you to create a new network of blood vessels in the tissues of the prostate, as these cells are able to differentiate into any cells of other tissues.

The price of treatment of prostatitis in the end will depend on the prices chosen by the patient or urologic study, the characteristics of the disease and neglect, conducted laboratory studies, choice of means of treatment, the duration of the passage of physiotherapy etc. is Important to remember that the sooner treatment starts and the better the patient follows the recommendations of your doctor, the faster and cheaper it will happengetting rid of the prostatitis.