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Modern medicines for the treatment of BPH.

In the early stages of the prostate if men do not show clear clinical symptoms, use

conservative treatment. Sometimes, if manifest tendency to accelerated growth, even in the beginning the patient can offer to do the surgery.

In this case, do not delay, so as to radically get rid of the tumor only operational method, however, the intervention is prolonged and leads to a large blood loss, so the operation can move well only a young man.

If the delay time and earn a lot of concomitant diseases, to carry out the operation will be dangerous, so a man will offer to insert a catheter and bag for urine collection.

As the tumor is removed through the bladder, its inflammation can lead to the fact that the operation can cancel and appoint a course of antibacterial treatment. Sometimes it happens that the operation is performed in several stages. Make excretion of urine, and then sutured the fistula.

The symptoms of BPH

A benign tumor itself is not sore and doesn't manifest itself until you hit any features. The size of the adenoma and the degree of its manifestations do not depend on each other, as the tumor may grow in a different direction. Adenoma can cause frequent urination, haemorrhoids and inguinal hernia.

Can also develop acute urinary retention. When you first need to make discomfort ultrasound prostate. Those who have the gland is enlarged, you should donate blood for the DOG is a special marker that tells about the process of malignant transformation.

Used medication

These drugs block the synthesis of testosterone by the testes. The prostate gland is reduced and improved urodynamic parameters, but it still does not put hormones in the first place in the treatment of BPH because of the high probability of occurrence of side effects such as impotence and decreased libido.


Alpha-blockers have a positive effect on the blood vessels of the prostate. They help to normalize their condition, improve blood circulation.

However, use of these medications can cause side effects such as hypotension, tachycardia and dizziness. There are three types of alpha-adrenergic receptors.

Anticancer drugs

These drugs act on the prostate gland as well as hormonal medications such as depostit, suprefact, Zoladex and flutamide.

Some of the drugs of this group are used for the treatment of prostate cancer or if there is evidence of latent prostate cancer.

Anti-Parkinsonian drugs

To date, bromocriptine, which refers to anti-Parkinsonian medicinal product used for medical treatment of prostatic adenoma.

This drug has a complex mechanism of action, which aims to decrease the secretion of prolactin. This drug comes in tablets and capsules.


Has long been a medicinal plant used for the treatment of urological diseases. Today, herbal medicine has expanded considerably thanks to the emergence of finished pharmaceutical products with a content of plant extracts. These drugs are available in capsules, tablets, oral solutions.

The effectiveness of phytotherapeutic means which is used for the treatment of BPH depends on the degree of phytosterols, the most important of which is sitosterol.

These drugs have a broad spectrum of action:

  • providing anti-inflammatory actions in the prostate gland;
  • cytotoxic effect on prostate cells;
  • blocking androgens and other hormonal receptors;
  • the decrease in growth of the prostate tissue.

Drugs such as kopriva and speman contain substances of many plants, other medications that contain one of the medicinal plants. Kopriva — combination drug, which contains the oil, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed oil, oil of wheat sprouts. Speman contains extracts of medicinal plants that contribute to improving the urodynamics of the urinary tract.

Preparations of this group have a multi-step mechanismeffects in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. This effect manifests itself as antiproliferative, antiandrogenic and anti-inflammatory effect in the prostate.

These drugs do not have hormonal properties. The herbal remedies help to restore the cells of the prostate gland and to restore the disturbed activity of the prostate secretion.

During treatment, improves urination, disappears or weakens the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, the jet intensifies during urination.

Polyene antibiotics

Polyene antibiotics affect lipid metabolism and cholesterol. Taking these antibiotics during treatment of the prostate help to reduce the amount of serum estrogens, thereby improving urodynamic indicators and reduced amount of urine after urination.

Such drugs refers levorin, which is used in complex treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Although this medication is highly effective and has no side reactions in the form of digestive disorders.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of BPH have a diuretic effect, relieves the inflammatory process in the prostate gland.