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How to use homeopathy in the treatment of prostatitis

Prostate gland located between the bladder and the penis. The tissue of the prostate produces a secret, and also hormones. The vascular system connects with the veins and arteries of the bladder, intestines and rectum.

Inflammation of the prostate of 50% of blood volume that supplies the pelvic organs, is accounted for by the prostate. And when the prostate is in a state of sexual arousal, it is 80% of this blood. Therefore, the prostate called the second man's heart.

Modern scientists divide the prostatitis infectious and stagnant. The share of infectious accounts for a third of all cases, other men suffer non-infectious type of disease that occurs as a result of congestive processes.

It should be noted that blood stagnation in the prostate gland activates the infections are in the body and leads to the development of infectious process.

Blood stagnation in the prostate gland may occur because of changes in sexual life of men, exposure to cold, injuries of the urinary organs. In addition, if a man leads a sedentary lifestyle, it can also lead to stagnation of blood in certain organs.

The infectious form can appear as a result of promiscuity. To get rid of prostatitis analgesics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, enemas and heat treatments.

Homeopathy for prostatitis

In pathology of the prostate homeopathy can be used as an independent method for recovery and use in the complex treatment. Also homeopathy is prescribed and after operations. What is the homeopathic treatment will depend entirely on the stage and nature of the disease.


Homeopathy has many advantages:

  • reception on clear rules;
  • action is performed on the entire body;
  • effective for treatment and prevention;
  • the lack of side effects;
  • does not addictive.


Homeopathic remedies help to get rid of the pain and seizuresto establish the urination and get rid of sexual disorders. However, the drugs can not eliminate the reasons that caused the inflammation of the prostate gland. Usually the course last for one month.

And for the prevention homeopathy used over the years. Especially men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often becoming a cause of prostatitis.

In addition, homeopathic therapy is effective during treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Able to recover even those who had long and unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics.

But do not forget that the recovery men will be effective only if the man will be a thorough examination and he individually will select the treatment.


Today in urology used for more than 30 complex homeopathic preparations.

In acute prostatitis is usually used APIs, Aconite, aloe, belladonna, bryony, gearculture or mercury.

In subacute prostatitis can assign Pulsatilla, Chamomilla, magorium, Sabal or sulphur.

Patients who suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy, can apply thuja, Conium, your role, selenium, Sepia, staphisagria and other homeopathic medicines.