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Prostatitis and sports: how can it help

Prostatitis and an active lifestyle

Everyone already knows that prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. When prostatitis occurs difficult urination, pelvic pain because of impaired circulation...

They say that the prostate is second heart of men, as it does not most important but important and necessary body functions: the development of the third part of the seminal fluid, is involved in the metabolism of testosterone, provides the rhythmic release of sperm and controls approximately fifty percent of the circulation in the pelvic organs.

Wherefore, after, and even during the course of treatment is recommended to lead an active lifestyle as the best prevention method of the disease – gymnastics, exercise, bike.

For people with "sedentary work" is often recommended to arrange a small power pause- to walk, to jump, to do a couple of slopes.

Many doctors believe that heavy sports may exacerbate the symptoms of the disease and therefore usually suggest the complexes are quite complex and heavy physical exercises such as physiotherapy, walking, restorative exercises, and so on. Some doctors believe otherwise. From their point of view, squats, bike, leg press is absolutely not harmful, they help to develop pelvic floor muscles.

A little more about riding a bike

With a childhood love and know how to ride a bike. But in modern society there is a perception that Cycling is harmful to sexual health of men.

There is also a view that Cycling improves blood circulation in the organspelvis. But it cannot confirm and do not deny, like the fact that Cycling in General is bad for sexual health of men. If You love Cycling, but I'm afraid to hurt yourself, you should initially think about the comfortable, wide saddle. Yes, it will not be the most fashionable, but it will help You keep healthy.

Therefore, Cycling can be both useful and harmful, but the decision about the refusal of Cycling depends largely on you.